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Thai Popular Uprising, Bangkok, Oct 1973

Thai Popular Uprising, Bangkok, Oct 1973

Taken on 1973-10-15

The popular uprising was a watershed event in Thailand's history. The uprising resulted in the end of the ruling military dictatorship of Anti-Communist Thanom Kittikachorn and altered the Thai political system. Notably, it highlighted the growing influence of Thai university students in politics. The uprising was driven by the actions of university students, but the role of other forces should also be mentioned. These include intra-armed forces rivalry, especially between the army and the navy, and a series of wildcat strikes by common labourers and civilian workers in August and September 1973, both of which helped to create an atmosphere conducive to a change in the ruling government. While the uprising did not change the role of the monarch, it did emphasize his position as a final arbiter between opposing forces. On 14 October, King Bhumibol appointed the Thammasat chancellor Sanya Dharmasakti, as Prime Minister (see Thai Popular Uprising 1973 Wiki page for more info)

Source: Bnagkok Post/Wikipedia

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