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Moldovans Rally Against Government Corruption; Chisinau, Sept 2015

Moldovans Rally Against Government Corruption; Chisinau, Sept 2015

Taken on 2015-09-06

Tens of thousands of Moldovans rallied in the nation's capital, Chisinau, protesting a recent bank fraud that has seen $1 billion disappear from the national banking system - roughly one eighth of Moldova's gross domestic output. As a result of the fraud, the small and largely rural country's currency has depreciated significantly, raising inflation and adversely affecting already low living standards. Protesters came from all over the country and called for the resignation of President Nicolae Timofti, chanting "Victory! Bring the one billion back home!". Police put protester numbers at between 35,000 - 40,000 people - organizers put their estimates at three times as many(see Moldovan Protests 2015 Wikipedia page for more information).

Source: Thomasvanlinge/twitter

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Moldovan Army Engage Mock Protest

Moldovan Army Engage Mock Protest

Taken on 2011-06-24

BULBOACA, Moldova -- A mob of mock protesters storms a checkpoint on the Bulboaca Training Site while soldiers of the Moldova National Army 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion form a line to keep them out June 24, 2011. North Carolina National Guard soldiers are in Moldova for two weeks familiarizing the Moldovan unit with the skills it will need to pass a NATO evaluation of its peacekeeping abilities.

Source: (U.S. Air Force photo by Maj. Robert Carver, North Carolina National Guard Public Affairs)

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Transnistrian Trucks in Motion

Transnistrian Trucks in Motion

Taken on 2005-09-02

Infantry vehicles (Transnistrian forces) on the bridge between Tiraspol and Bender. Transnistria is a 'frozen conflict'. According to Russian General Alexander Lebed, "I told the hooligans [separatists] in Tiraspol and the fascists [government] in Chisinau -- either you stop killing each other, or else I'll shoot the whole lot of you with my tanks."

Source: Monkbel

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