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Museum Piece - Rhodesian Armored Car

Museum Piece - Rhodesian Armored Car

Taken on 2009-09-23

A Leopard APC, mine-protected vehicle, designed and built in Rhodesia during the late 1970s and based on a Volkswagen engine. This example is displayed in the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, UK

Source: Desmoh/Wikipedia

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Torture in Rhodesia

Torture in Rhodesia

Taken on 1977-06-28

Villagers will not give up guerrillas to the Rhodesian scouts. So the scouts resort to torture. They force them to line up in pushup stance and hold the position. Scouts threaten those who break position with punishment. Those who fall are taken behind a house and knocked out; a scout then fires a shot in the air so that the remaining captives assume death. The last man, fearful for his life and exhausted, divulges information to the scouts. 1978 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, J. Ross Baug

Source: J. Ross Baughman, Associated Press

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Rhodesian African Rifles 1976

Rhodesian African Rifles 1976

Taken on 1976-12-15

Two soldiers of the Rhodesian African Rifles aboard a patrol boat on Lake Kariba, December 1976. Black Rhodesians made up most of the government's Security Forces, but some units were all-white.

Source: Ggwallace1954 (wikimedia commons)

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