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Australian Forces at Tobruk

Australian Forces at Tobruk

Taken on 1941-08-13

IWM caption : Australian troops occupy a front line position at Tobruk. Between April and December 1941 the Tobruk garrison, comprising British, Australian and Polish troops, was besieged by Rommel's forces. It fell to the Germans after the battle of Gazala on 21 June 1942 but was recaptured five months later.

Source: Smith, N (Lt), No 1 Army Film & Photographic Unit

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Indian POWs, Derna, Libya, 1941

Indian POWs, Derna, Libya, 1941

Taken on 1941-01-01

"The first troops of the Indian Legion were recruited from Indian POWs captured at El Mekili, Libya during the battles for Tobruk. The German forces in the Western Desert selected a core group of 27 POWs as potential officers and they were flown to Berlin in May 1941, to be followed, after the Centro I experiment, by POWs being transferred from the Italian forces to Germany." 1941, exact date unknown.

Source: Bundesarchiv/Wikipedia

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