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Tajik Soldier on Watch, July 2012

Tajik Soldier on Watch, July 2012

Taken on 2012-07-24

'On 22 July media reported that a crowd in Khorog, the capital of the Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Province in Tajikistan, stopped a car in which Abdullo Nazarov, a general in the Tajik intelligence services, was travelling. The general was pulled out of the car and beaten to death. His death triggered the retaliation by government forces and the fiercest fighting in Tajikistan since government soldiers battled militants in a northern region of the mountainous country in 2010. "This murder was the last straw. The warlord, who has clean forgotten that the war ended 15 years ago, must be destroyed", Reuters news agency quoted a Tajik security officer as saying. '

Source: HRH Oslo, based on Helsinki Committee information

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