Campaign to Defeat Under-Nutrition in Mauritania; Guidimakha, July 2015 - April 2016

  • A shepherd with his flock on Gouraye road, Mauritania
  • A shepherd leading his flock to the border between Senegal and Mauritania, searching for pastures
  • Main entrance of Agoinitt Health Centre
  • An awareness-raising session on hygiene and breastfeeding at Dafort Health Centre
  • A talk with a beneiciary
  • Fatima, 33 years old, holding her baby, cured from severe acute malnutrition
  • Hassin giving a does of theaputic food to her one year old daughter, Rabia, to test her appetite
  • Awa Cheikhna Tansian, a nutrition supervisor working with AAH, weighing a child
  • A mother recieving a hygiene kit, after her child was discharged from a nutrition clinic
  • Measuring the height of Hamidou SOW, 12 months
  • Measuring the mid-upper arm circumference, another malnutrition and access to food indicator.
  • An immunisation session in Agoinitt health centre
  • Yerro Barry, Head Nurse at the Ould Mbonny Health Centre, in southern Mauritania, taking the blood p
  • Using drama to fight under-nutrition
  • Involving children in awareness-raising activities
  • A young mother carefully shoring awareness-raising sessions
  • Fatoumatou Alissy, 27 years old, and actress of the Alphas Chapos group
  • Fatou, 22 years old, carrying her son Adama
  • Adjaratou Khalidou BA, Mayor of Gouraye Municipality
  • Khadidja, 11 months, cured from malnutrition

Remote and vast area of southern Mauritania, Guidimakha has been for a long time confronted with chronic poverty and high food insecurity levels. Lack of rain, shortfalls in agricultural production and difficult access to essential food items, have led to an extreme vulnerability of populations. In addition, the region is deeply afflicted by chronic malnutrition, with rates exceeding the thresholds set by the World Health Organisation.
In response to this situation, the European Commission Humanitarian Department (ECHO) and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) are jointly supporting organizations such as Action Against Hunger (AAH), in the implementation of a project devoted to prevent, treat and reduce acute malnutrition.
Nutritional and medical follow-up, information on good health and nutrition practices, are accessible for more than 45 000 children aged 6 to 59 months, nearly 65 000 women of childbearing age and 4,670 pregnant and lactating women. Awareness-raising activities are carried out, through community agents, but also through theatre groups.
Moreover, all Guidimakha health structures are benefiting from the deployment of personnel to support on-site medical staff, as well as trainings to continuously improve the children’s follow-up, all with the aim of making the fight against malnutrition more effective.

Taken during 2015-07-28 - 2016-04-11
Source Sylvain Cherkaoui/DFID/ECHO/ACF
License Attribution - NoDerivs Creative CommonsAttribution - NoDerivs Creative Commons
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