UN Helping Syrian Refugees; Lebanon, September 2015

  • Joweher, 65, hugs Nisreen, a field staffer from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • Joweher talks about the shelling that detroyed her house
  • Joweher moved South to be with her brother, who died last year
  • Joweher's ATM card is issued by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • Joweher holds up an x-ray showing signs of lung damage
  • With her limited mobility, going to the local store to buy food is not an easy task for Joweher.
  • Abdel Rahim, 73, talks of his illnesses.
  • Elma, age 4, looks up at her grandfather Abdel Rahim.
  • Abdel Rahim smiles as he talks about his grandchildren.
  • A Syrian refugee recieves her ATM card from the UN Regugee Agency (UNHCR).

With the conflict in Syria well into its fifth year, the needs of the over one million Syrian refugees who fled to Lebanon are now greater than ever. A recent study has shown that at least 70 percent of Syrian refugees in Lebanon live below the national poverty line – an increase from 50 percent compared to last year – having exhausted their meagre savings and having with limited access to income opportunities. Among the most at risk are elderly refugees, who often suffer from higher levels of hardship due to reduced physical strength and chronic illness.

The European Commission funds the UN Refugee Agency's cash assistance programme targeted to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and supports a range of other services. For the elderly, this can be a lifeline.

Taken during 2015-07-15 - 2015-09-11
Source European Commision DG ECHO/Sara Hoibak
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