Chadian Toyota during the Toyota War with Libya (Date Unknown)

Chadian soldiers on a Toyota Landcruiser pickup truck.

The Toyota War is the name commonly given to the last phase of the Chadian–Libyan conflict, which took place in 1987 in Northern Chad and on the Libyan-Chadian border. It takes its name from the Toyota pickup trucks used as technicals to provide mobility for the Chadian troops as they fought against the Libyans. The 1987 war resulted in a heavy defeat for Libya, which, according to American sources, lost one tenth of its army, with 7,500 men killed and US$1.5 billion worth of military equipment destroyed or captured. Chadian losses were 1,000 men killed.

Taken on 1987-01-01
Source Beao/Wikipedia
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Fair use license rationale:
1. The photograph is historically significant in that it shows the namesake of the Toyota War, a Toyota pickup truck with Chadian soldiers.
2. No free use image to illustrate the war could be found. It may be that such images may be available in Chad or Libya, but not in the West.
3. The photograph is low resolution.


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