Reconstruction of the Historic Bam Citadel After Quake, Iran, 2009

The 2003 Earthquake in Bam destroyed more than 80 percent of this historic citadel. As a World Heritage Site, several countries are cooperating in the reconstruction. Japan, Italy, and France are among countries which cooperated from the beginning. Japan has granted some US$1.3 million to Iran for the reconstruction, and has supported this project by sending equipment and creating the 3D plan of Bam Citadel to increase the accuracy of the renovation. Italy has funded US$300,000, and has dispatched a team of experts to restore the citadel's main tower. France has provided the map of Bam Citadel. The World Bank has also granted a large sum of money to this project.

Taken on 2009-12-10
Source Ninara/Flickr
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