Japanese Prince Yasuhiko Asaka, Japan, December 1940

"In November 1937, Prince Asaka became temporary commander of the Japanese forces outside Nanking (or Nanjing), then capital of China, because General Matsui was ill. As temporary commander of the final assault on Nanking between 2 and 6 December 1937, he allegedly issued the order to "kill all captives", thus providing official sanction for what became known as the "Nanking Massacre" or the "Rape of Nanking" (12 December 1937 – 10 February 1938). The order may have actually been issued, without the Prince's knowledge or assent, by Lieutenant Colonel Isamu Chō. He was a known radical ultra-nationalist staff member of the Central China Area Army who may have released the order under the sign manual of Asaka. This is a moot point, however, for Prince Asaka, who was nominally the officer in charge, allowed the carnage to continue for 4 days before the arrival of General Matsui."

Taken on 1940-12-05
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