Ramzan's Kadyrovtsky Militia, Grozny, 2006

Kadyrovtsy militants during constitution day in Chechnya, Russian Federation.

Kadyrovtsy (Russian: Кадыровцы, Kadyrovcy, literally "Kadyrov's followers") also Kadyrovites, is a term used by the population of Chechnya, as well as members of the groups themselves, for former members of the paramilitary units of the former pro-Moscow President of the Chechen Republic Akhmad Kadyrov, headed by his son and the current President Ramzan Kadyrov.

Kadyrovites, thousands of personally devoted armed men (estimated at around 5,000), including many former rebels from the First and Second Chechen Wars, have been accused of serious human rights abuses. Human rights activists working in Chechnya have said the group has been involved in kidnapping, torture and murder to cement Kadyrov's rule; reportedly, this is the group now most feared by Chechnya’s civilian population.

Taken on 2006-03-22
Source Ramzan Kadyrov's website/via Wikipedia
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