The Zhani-Vedeno Ambush during Second Chechen War, 2000

Russian forces secure the scene of the deadly Zhani-Vedeno ambush.

The Zhani-Vedeno ambush took place on March 29, 2000, when a mechanized column of Russian Interior Ministry troops was ambushed in the southern Vedensky District of Chechnya, and destroyed by the largely Dagestani force of multinational mujahideen who fought on Chechen separatist side under Arab commander Ibn al-Khattab and were led by Abu Quteiba, a field commander for the Islamic International Brigade. As the result of the attack on the convoy and on Russian relief forces, scores of Russian special police and paramilitary troops were killed or captured. Nine OMON officers were taken hostage and executed soon after Russian command refused to swap them for the arrested military officer Yuri Budanov.

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