Assassination of Asanuma; Tokyo, Japan, Oct 1960

Right-wing student Otoya Yamaguchi fatally stabs Socialist Partv Chairman Inejiro Asanuma in the heart with a blade in Tokyo's Hibiya Hall. 1961 Pulitzer Prize, Photography, Yasushi Nagao, United Press International.

Taken on 1960-10-12
Source Yasushi Nagao, United Press International
License Fair UseFair Use
Uploaded by mfa1988 on 2014-01-13

Fair use license rationale:
This picture documents a unique historic event, and is itself the subject of considerable historic interest (Pulitzer Prize, 1960 World Press Photo of the year). This incident, and the fact of its being photographed and videotaped, is one of the most notable facts of Asanuma's life and also of Yamaguchi's. As such it is non-replaceable by a free image and legitimate fair-use.



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