Burundian Peacekeepers Prepare for Next Deployment to Somalia, Burundi, 2006

Burundi peacekeepers prepare for next rotation to Somalia
By Rick Scavetta, U.S. Army Africa
BUJUMBURA, Burundi – Under the shade of a tree, Pvt. Avlerie Mdayimiye cleans her Kalashnikov assault rifle and chats with fellow infantry soldiers about their upcoming peacekeeping deployment to Somalia.
One of two women in her battalion, Mdayimiye reflects on her decision to join the infantry with pride.
“I want to support my nation and to help other people,” she said.
In the coming months, the infantrywoman will have the opportunity to do both.
Recently trained through the U.S. State Department-led African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance program, Mdayimiye’s battalion will soon serve with the African Union Mission in Somalia, a peacekeeping operation geared toward stabilizing Somalia’s security situation.

Taken on 2006-09-24
Source US Army Africa
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