Internationalist Freedom Brigade forms in Rojava (Northern Syria), June 2015

Communist volunteers from Turkey, Greece, Germany, Spain, and Armenia, including members of the Turkish Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP), Communist Party of Turkey - Marxist Leninist/Liberation Army of Workers and Peasants of Turkey, Spain Reconstruction Organization, the United Liberation Forces, the Marxist-Leninist Armed Propaganda Unions, and the Revolutionary Front of Circassians. The picture features the different flags representing these different parties and groups.

The Internationalist Freedom Brigade was formed in the spirit of the international brigades during the Spanish Civil War. In which Communists, Anarchists, and Socialists from around the world went to Spain to fight on the side of the Republicans and leftists against the Fascist forces.

Taken on 2015-06-10
Source Occupied Taksim/Twitter
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