White armband day memorial in Sarajevo

The picture was taken during the commemoration of "White armband"day, which remembers the victims of the war in the Northwestern city of Prijedor. The event always sparks controversy and tension between different victim groups, citizens and members of different ethnic communities. In this particular case, the AntiDayton group set up this memorial in Veliki Park (Sarajevo) showcasing pictures and names of the victims of war in Prijedor. White armband day is commemorated on May 30 as it was on this date in 1992 where authorities in Prijedor instructed for citizens "not loyal to the Serb Republic of Bosnia-Heryegovina" to display a white flag at the entrance of their homes. This was followed by ethnic cleansing of Bosniak and Croat citizens in the area.

Taken on 2019-05-31
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