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June 2017 London Attack


Floral Tributes London Bridge; London, UK, June 2017 Floral Tributes London Bridge; London, UK, June 2017

2017 Westminster attack

Parliament Square Floral Tributes; London, UK, March 2017

Taken on 2017-03-31

PEGIDA Protests (2014-)

PEGIDA Demonstration in Dresden Germany, Jan 2015

Taken on 2015-01-05
Source: Blu-News via Wikipedia

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Pro-Palestinian & Pro-Israeli Protesters Face Off, London, August 2014

Taken on 2014-07-26
Source: Flickr / Ian Pattinson

War in Donbass (2014-)

Russian Navy's Amphibious Assault Ship Vladivostok Sits in St. Nazaire, France, June 2014

Taken on 2014-06-08
Source: Quoique/Wikipedia

Dunblane Massacre (1996)

Dunblance Massacre Commemoration to Victims; Dunblane, Scotland, Mar 1996

Taken on 2012-02-03
Source: PaddyBriggs/Wikipedia

Yugoslav Wars

Ratko Mladic in ICTY Court, The Hague, June 2011

Taken on 2011-06-03
Source: ICTY Courtroom Photographs – Ratko Mladić Initial Appearance

Euromaidan-Ukrainian Revolution (2013-)

Euromaidan Solidarity Protest in Munich Germany, February 2014

Taken on 2014-02-01
Source: indeedous/Wikipedia

Norway Attacks - Utoya Island Massacre (2011)

Smoke Rises from Government Building After Breivik Terror Attack, Oslo Norway, Jul 2011

Taken on 2011-07-22
Source: N. Andersen/Wikipedia

Eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull (2010)

Eyjafjallajökull Eruption, Iceland, Apr 2010

Taken on 2010-04-17
Source: Boaworm/Wikipedia