Categories and Tags

Topic Categories

Konflictcam defines conflict as including the major challenges facing human society in the modern era. In an effort to remain true to this definition, our content is organised into ten main topic categories. Categories are not mutually exclusive and may overlap. Each main category has a number of associated tags users may select to further refine searches. Users must select at least one main of the main TOPIC categories or subcategories when uploading a photograph.

  1. Armed Conflict covers violent confrontation between nations, states, or parties. Armed Conflict covers both conventional (i.e. Infantry Warfare, Naval Warfare) and unconventional (i.e. Terrorism, Irregulars) warfare. Appropriate photographs of Armed Conflict usually include active combat and should be distinguished from images of training, logistics and equipment being used in an inactive role (see Military Non-Combat below).
  2. Environmental Issues covers a wide range of subjects related to humanity’s interaction with and impact on the environment, including Pollution, Nuclear Crisis, Poaching and Ecosystem Degradation.
  3. Human Rights is dedicated to documenting the plight of the civilian victims of conflict. Issues covered include State Repression, Refugees, Ethnic Cleansing and Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV).
  4. Humanitarian Aid brings attention to the commendable activities of aid organisations around the world. While this subject is closely linked to the Human Rights topic above, its main focus lies in attempts to alleviate human suffering. Topics include Search & Rescue Operations, Civilian Evacuations and the Distribution of Aid.
  5. Social Unrest largely focuses on actions taken by civilians in opposition to established powers such as governments. Examples include Labour Strikes, Riots, and Political Rallies.
  6. Law Enforcement covers policing activity upholding the rule of law and security and includes topics such as Civil Prisons, Counter-Terrorism, and Courts, Trials, and Judiciary. State repression at the hands of police forces is better categorized under Human Rights and its subcategories.
  7. Criminal Activity covers activities involving organised, illegal criminal enterprises, including Organised Crime, Human Trafficking, Piracy, and Political Corruption.
  8. Politics & Diplomacy consists of images of the decision-makers behind conflicts. Photographs from Speeches, Political Conventions, War Crimes Tribunals and meetings between people in positions of power should be placed in this category.
  9. Military Non-Combat encompasses images depicting soldiers and military personnel in non-combat situations, including Training, Peacetime Patrols, and Military Logistics not being used in active combat. Photographs of Parades, Disarmament, and Propaganda should also be situated here.
  10. Natural Disasters are major adverse events resulting from natural processes of the Earth (oftentimes exacerbated by human activity); examples include Floods, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and other geologic processes. There is frequent overlap between this category and Environmental Issues.

Location Tags

Users must label uploads with at least one LOCATION tag based on the photo's country of origin.Users are also encouraged to precisely geotag their photographs on our MAP. In instances where users have not utilized the geotag feature, geo-coordinates will default to the capital of the selected country location tag.

Regional Location will automatically be selected based on country location tag. Our Regional Locations are based on the United Nations Geoscheme:

  1. The Middle East & North Africa
  2. Sub-Saharan Arica
  3. Central & South Asia
  4. Eastern Europe
  5. Asia Pacific
  6. Latin America & the Caribbean
  7. North America
  8. Western Europe
  9. Oceania

Regional Location will allow for ARCHIVE searches by region, and allow users to isolate the regions of interest on the NEWS Page.

Event Tags

EVENT Tags are optional but highly encouraged tags for where conflicts and crises are prominent enough to warrant specific labeling. To simplify uploading and searching, Events will be divided into two broad categories – Ongoing and Past. Please visit our All Tags page to find a complete list of our Event Tags. Tagging your work with its relevant event will undoubtedly make it more useful for juxtaposition with related Event photos and research/timeline purposes.

Graphic Images

Users are obligated to label graphic images as such. Moderators reserve the right to label photographs as 'Graphic Image' in instances where content is identified to warrant the restriction. 'Graphic Images'are accessible to registered users who are over 18 years of age. The Graphic Images label exists to protect our users from potentially distressing images, while still making them available for the purposes of research, awareness and human rights.