Moderator Ethics

Konflictcam moderators implement certain principles and procedures when reviewing submissions to our website. In broad terms, Konflictcam has an interest in attracting and curating important images pertaining to human conflict. Beyond that, moderators must adhere to the following Moderator Code of Ethics:

  1. Moderators will reject any photographs where there is evidence of copyright infringement.
  2. Moderators will reject any photographs where there is evidence of content manipulation.
  3. Moderators will investigate suspect photographs at their earliest opportunity, and subject such photographs to the best image forensic tools available.
  4. Moderators will reject photographs and captions celebrating or encouraging violence.
  5. Moderators will ensure that Konflictcam maintains an impartial attitude with respect to current and past events.
  6. Moderators will ensure that 'Graphic Images' are labeled accordingly so as to screen them from general user searches.
  7. Moderators will scrutinize photographs submitted by primary actors in a conflict thoroughly to ensure that they adhere to Konflictam’s impartiality, copyright, and content provisions listed above.
  8. Moderators will remove all personal information contained in image captions, unless that information is already in the public domain or permission has been granted by the photograph's subjects.
  9. Moderators should ensure that submissions are tagged appropriately and comprehensively, and that titles generally correspond to the format: <Description>, <Location>, <Month, Year>..

If you are interested in furthering Konflictcam’s mission and believe that you can adhere to our Code, please contact us to inquire about joining our Moderation Panel.