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Photography: accurate evidence, or simply another manner for perceiving or manipulating reality?

on 2017-10-14

Eduardo Martins. This name likely means little to most readers, but to those who follow news around conflict photography this name is becoming increasingly infamous. Martins claimed to be a conflict photographer, working in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Gaza, and images he purportedly took featured in major news outlets including BBC Brazil, Le Monde and The Wall Street Journal. His Instagram account, which has since been deleted, had over 120,000 followers. What was Martins’ weapon of choice in fooling the world?

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The children of Yemen: from school to the battlefield

on 2016-11-19

Hundreds of children have been recruited across Yemen, and thrown into the ongoing civil war.

Child soldiers have been used by a range of militias and Islamic groups, especially amongst the Houthi faction. They have exploited the difficult financial situations of families in order to attract children, and send them to the battlefields in order to expand their forces. Clear evidence has surfaced that the Houthi faction has used their authority to issue identity cards for these children, formally making them into combatants.

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The Dakota (Brakken) Oil Pipeline Protests

on 2016-09-04

The Dakota (Brakken) Oil Pipeline Protests

A 1,170-mile oil pipeline was approved for construction by The US Army Corps of Engineers this July. As they begin to break ground in North Dakota, local Native American tribes have asked for the construction to be halted claiming it will aid in the environment degradation of their ancestral lands.

The Dakota pipeline, also known as the Bakken Oil Pipeline would transport oil from North Dakota through South Dakota and Iowa into Illinois. According to Energy Transfer, the pipeline will be linked with other pipelines…

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What do we mean by conflict, and why does it matter?

on 2016-06-17

What do we mean by conflict, and why does it matter? At Konflictcam, we cover a pretty wide range of forms of conflict. We include coverage of full scale civil wars to civil protests, or natural disasters to humanitarian relief provision. Through this blog post, we hope to explain why this is the case.

In our mission statement, we outline our belief in the importance of allowing the global population to gain an awareness of conflicts worldwide. We believe that this should be possible, and as such, Konflictcam was created with the aim of widening the global conversation…

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Anti-Abortion Violence in the United States (1976- )

on 2016-02-01

In 1973, the Surpreme Court decision Roe vs Wade made abortion legal in the United States for the first time. This turning point in women's rights history also brought opposition in the form of extreme violence. Anti-abortion extremeist took to the streets with protests by picketting abortion clinics. Overtime, protesters escalated the confrontation by harassing patients at clinics and blockading entrances. When it was clear their actions did not obtain favorable results and the Surpreme Co

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Social Media is Not an Alternative to Photo Archives

on 2015-11-07

During a conflict of any sort, it is vital that we remember a conflict does not just affect the terrain and combatants, but also the people who live in its midst. This is not only true in the

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The Challenges of Covering Islamic State Propaganda

on 2015-03-17

The Challenges of Covering Islamic State Propaganda As you may have noticed in your exploration of the Konflictcam platform, we have elected to include photos and screen captures of Islamic State propaganda in our archive.  This decision was not made lightly, and was a difficult one that took much deliberation on the part of our team.  Ultimately, we determined that these photos needed to be included given the Islamic State’s rise to prominence and its centrality to the ongoing Syrian Civil War and Iraq Insurgency.

The process of making this determination really made our team consider what we want our platform to be about, what we aim to accomplish, and who we wish to serve. Ultimately, as an objective and open source photo platform that seeks to avoid endorsing any party’s particular agenda, we felt that these conflict images needed to be included.  Moreover, given the fact that we seek to have a comprehensive image database that truly tells the story of a conflict from multiple angles and from beginning to end, we felt that we would be in error if we were to proceed as if these events didn’t happen.  Juxtaposed with imagery from the other belligerents in the Islamic State’s areas of activity, these images should allow Konflictcam’s users to have a deeper, fuller understanding of the conflicts at hand.

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Welcome to Konflictcam

on 2015-03-15

Welcome to Konflictcam. We’ve come a long way in the last year, from a nascent idea to a built-out, user-friendly platform.  The initial inspiration for Konflictcam came from our founder, Sami Ahmad, as he looked at conflict photos coming out of the Syrian Civil War and ... 

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